Thantawan Industry PLC.
Thantawan Industry PLC.
  Company Strengths    
  Company Strengths
Thantawan Industry PLC. The world leading company in plastic conversion business Company Strengths Thantawan
  with a 35 years successful track record
Thantawan Industry PLC. The first reclosable bag and flexible straw producer in
Thantawan Industry PLC. Highly Reliable and consistent quality
Thantawan Industry PLC. Successfully meet Japanese Quality standard
Thantawan Industry PLC. Expertise in plastic bag making
Thantawan Industry PLC. On time delivery
Thantawan Industry PLC. Quick response service
Thantawan Industry PLC. Innovative products
Thantawan Industry PLC. Packaging design service
Thantawan Industry PLC. Clean production facilities
Thantawan Industry PLC. Building sustainable value and long term partnership for
  customers and stakeholders
"Our vision for the future would like to see our company prosper and grow up . We are wish to build an organization that has the following features. We will be a manufacturer of universal plastic packaging for customers and be the hub of plastic packaging solutions."
Vision Thantawan
Vision Thantawan
Vision Thantawan
  We are confident that "the mission" is the reason for the organization can be firmly in the present. Be sustainable and to grow in the direction that we can look forward to the future. We have the missions that need to be performed including;

Support the business model to suit the era. (Re-Business Model)

2. Development of the operational structure of the organization and to operate effectively. (Re-Structuring)
3. Building to reflect the corporate culture business.(Re-Culture)
Core Value
  1. Commitment
  2. Dynamic
  3. Teamwork Spirit
  4. Continuing Improvement
Mission Thantawan
Mission Thantawan
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