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  Corporate Social Responsibility Policy    

       Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited is the manufacturer of drinking straw and plastic packaging sold domestically and globally. The Company is determined to conduct its business with accountability for any effects and consequences based on the principle of transparency, accountability, ethics, human rights observation and stakeholders’ interest.

       The Company endeavours to produce products of quality which are safe for consumer taking into account any possible impacts on the community and environment, to observe the laws and international standard and any other applicable requirements with an aim to lay down foundation of social responsibility in sustainable manner.

        According to the said policy, the company defines its CSR to cover economic, social and environmental aspects and includes them in its 4-year Sustainable Development Master Plan (2014-2017) constituting 4 significant strategies including transparency, environmental concern, human development and community participation. In this regard, CSR has become an integral part of organization goal and values to which all of its executives and staffs are required to give precedence.

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