Thantawan Industry PLC.
Thantawan Industry PLC.
Thantawan Industry Public Co., Ltd. (THIP) formerly known as Blowtech (Thailand) was founded in 1978 with initial registered capital of Baht 2 million. The company was transformed into a public limited company and then granted approval to be a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on November 19, 1994. The registered capital of the company was increased to Baht 100 million divided into 10 million ordinary shares at a par value of Baht 10 per share.The issued and paid up capital is currently Baht 80 million.
The company’s objective is to engage in production and marketing of plastic products. These plastic products consist of 4 main categories:
1. Products made from LDPE resin, i.e. general bag which is used to pack merchandise and food to maintain its freshness.
2. Products made from HDPE resin, i.e., thin bags, shopping bags, glove and garbage bags
3. Products made from PP resin, i.e. drinking Straws
4. Products made from Compostable Bioplastics, i.e. recloseable bags, drinking Straws , shopping bags, glove , planting bags and garbage bags
The Company attained ISO 9001:2000 certification on quality management system and also attained ISO 14001:2004 certification on environmental management system. In addition, the Company had been rated as Exemplary Export Entrepreneur by the Revenue Department, and Golden Exporter by Department of Customs.
Thantawan Industry PLC.
Thantawan History 2010
Milestones and Key Development
Thantawan Industry PLC. 1978   Founded as Blowtech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to manufacture re-closable bags and flexible drinking straws.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 1988   Granted the Board of Investment (BOI) privilege to import the drinking-straws manufacturing machine.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 1991   Increased registered capital from 2 million Baht to 40 million Baht
Thantawan Industry PLC. 1994   Increased registered capital from 40 million Baht to 100 million Baht
Thantawan Industry PLC. 1994   Listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under the registration No. PCL421, and changed company name from "Blowtech" to "Thantawan", Thantawan proved its successful management as one of the best companies in the industry. Not only do we serve the best for our colleagues and staffs but also for the public.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 1997   Implemented the ISO 9002 standard to improve the production procedure and process in order to standardize the quality system.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 1998   Accredited ISO 9002 certificate by SGS Yardley International Certification Services Limited. It was an epic accomplishment for Thantawan to manage its organization with such a highly accepted international standard.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 1999   Accredited ISO 14001 by SGS Yardley International Certification Services Limited.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2000   Classified as "Gold Card" Exporter from Customer Department and Thantawan's drinking straws plant was FDA/IMS certified, the first of its kind in South East Asia.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2001   Classified as "Good Exporter" of the Revenue Department.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2002   Certified ISO 14001, version 1996, standard.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2003   Certified ISO 9001, version 2000, standard.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2006   Certified ISO 14001, version 2004, standard.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2007   Production expansion and stepping ahead in a whole GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) process with a full capacity.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2009   Best IKEA supplier in Thailand.
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2010  

Exclusive Distributor for compostable Plastic from Novamont

Certified TIS.776-2552 for Drinking Straw, first of its kind in Thailand

Thantawan Industry PLC. 2011  

Certified TIS.685-2540 for Plastic Toy

Total Energy Management Award : TEM 9 from Ministry of Industry

Best Logistics Award from LYRECO

Thantawan Industry PLC. 2012   SET Awards “Outstanding Company Performance 2012”
Thantawan Industry PLC. 2013  

Certified Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) Standard

Certified BSCI ( Business Social Compliance Initiative )

Certified SEDEX ( Supplier Ethical Data Exchange ) from Tesco Lotus

Silver Award from Thailand Plastic Awards 2013 by Product “ Fresh & Fresh ”

Certified “ Green Industry ” level 3 from Ministry of Industry

Certified “ Environmental Good Governance Project ” from Ministry of Industry

Thantawan Industry PLC. 2014  

PM AWARD 2014 “ Best Exporter ” from Ministry of Commerce

Certified Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Industrial Works : CSR-DIW from Ministry of Industry

Gold Award from Asean Plastic Awards 2014 by Prodcut “SUNBIN” Easy Tear & Tie Garbage Bags on Roll

Silver Award from Asean Plastic Awards 2014 by Prodcut “SUNMUM” Breast Milk Storage Bag with Triple Zipper

Certified Thailand Trusted Quality ( Thailand Trusted Mark) from Ministry of Commerce

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