Thantawan Industry PLC.
Thantawan Industry PLC.
  Our Production    
  Our Production
With our modern machinery of more than 300 machines and over 1,000 skilled staffs who have expertise with long experience in this field, combined with modern production technologies, premium materials and accredited quality standards, Thantawan Industry Plc, has production capabilities to support unlimited demands and needs of various customers.
Our wide range of products are available to serve various of customers needs including :
Thantawan Industry PLC.     Straws : Not only different types of straws such as straight straws, flexible straws, drinking stirrers, we are also able to produce several size with custom-made packaging ranging from paper wrapped, OPP wrapped, PET box, OPP retail bag, paper bulk box.
Thantawan Industry PLC.     Zipper bags : Thantawan’s zipper bags can be tailored made from top to bottom – zipper profile, gripper lines, and up to 8 colors printed.
In addition, Thantawan is always looking for new and innovative products to serve market. Such products includes but not limited to compostable bags, oxodegradable bags, and Modified Atmosphere Packaging which should extend fruits and vegetable shelf life longer up to 5 times.
Most of all, we are committed to on-time delivery as production top priority. In 2009, we launched new logistics work procedures which expedite us the successful of this commitment.
  Our Quality
With a strong commitment of executives management and employees at all levels, Thantawan Industry Plc has attained the certification of standard quality system for both local and international level. In addition, we have accredited the specific standard system from some world class customers.
National Certification of Standard System
Thantawan Industry PLC. TIS 776-2552 Thai Industrial Standard of Plastic Straws for FoodThantawan Industry PLC.
Thantawan Industry PLC. TIS 685-2540 Thai Industrial Standard of Plastic Toy
Thantawan Industry PLC. Certification from Office of the Consumer Protection Board
International Certification of Standard System
Thantawan Industry PLC. ISO 9001 : 2000
Thantawan Industry PLC. ISO 14001 : 2004
Thantawan Industry PLC. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
Thantawan Industry PLC. BSCI ( Business Social Compliance Initiative )
Thantawan Industry PLC. DIN EN 13432:2000-12 : Certification scheme products made
  of compostable materials
Controlling System and Quality assurance    
Below is the chart of quality control system which is done once received of raw materials through the production process and then become the finished goods
Thantawan Industry PLC.
Inspection method and Number of random is done in accordance with MIL-STD 105 E (Accepted Inspection Standard) specify as below
Thantawan Industry PLC. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).
Thantawan Industry PLC. JIS (Japanese Institute for Standardization).
Thantawan Industry PLC. EN (European Standard).
We also have the laboratory and experiment room equipped with the modern and advanced devices in order to ensure of our product quality and also to support our research and development activity as well. We sometimes outsource an independent party i.e. SGS, TIS to conduct the Lab testing to certify and assure that our products are complied in accordance with the international standard.
  Thantawan Industry PLC.
Thantawan Industry PLC.
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