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Besides a various standard products that are in stocks and ready to deliver as your need, we are able to customize and provide you a wide range of products serving for all your requirement. We can ensure you that with our special design and quality will make your products or services outstanding from the others.
Reclosable Bags
  Wrapped straws
In response to more safety and hygiene as required we are of service to produce straight, flexible & spoon straws of which 4.0 up to 7.0 mm. in diameter wrapper with paper or OPP film. They can be made in all kinds of colors with 1-2 colors logo printed on wrapped paper or even on OPP film.
Reclosable Bags
  Zipper bag
A reclosable packaging for nonperishable products, accessories or even food item you manufacture. Zipper bags provide easy access for you and your customers while working effectively for your packaging and storage needs. A clear plastic zipper bag also offers fast recognition of what's inside, and you can reuse the bag for a different reason after it outlives its initial purpose.
Customized Zipper bag will make your product a stand-out look. Add your logo, different colors or a special design to your bags for added flair and easy name recognition.
Reclosable Bags
  HDPE & LDPE Disposal Gloves
We are a professional supplier of PE Gloves Working Glove, Welding Glove, Driver Glove, Furniture Leather Glove, Sporting glove etc. Meanwhile, we are able to produce various gloves according to customer's special request on material, styles or others properties. PE gloves are safe for using with food and also can protect hands from messy or skin-irritating tasks, thin for finger tip sensitivity, easy work.
Reclosable Bags
  General bag
We are one of professional and experienced supplier specialized in various of high quality general bags for instance shopping bag, T-shirt bag, open end bag and food bag made from PE and PP. Our products have gained a strong reputation for reliability among our customers in both domestic and oversea markets.
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