General Information

NameThantawan Industry Public Co., Ltd. (THIP). The Company was transformed into a public limited company and then granted approval to be a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on May 19, 1994. 
Head Office Address143 – 144 Soi Kangwal 2, Phetkasem Road, Omyai, Sampran, Nakornpathom 73160 Tel. (662) 811-4700-7, 0-2431-3051, Fax(662)420-3180, 0-2431-3056
Branch Office Address123 Suntowers Building 32 A Fl.,Vibhawadee Road, Chomphol, Chatujuk Bangkok, 10900 Tel.02-273-8333, Fax. 02-273-8282, 273-8484Website
Investor Relation               Tel. 02-273-8333, E-mail address :  [email protected]                                       
Business TypeProduce and Export Plastic packaging and plastic products
Registered Number0107537001749
Registered CapitalCommon Stock: 90,000,000 Shares par value at Baht 1 per share, Totaling to Baht 89,999,686 Million
Issued and Paid-up CapitalCommon Stock: 90,000,000 Shares, par value at Baht 1 per share, Totaling to Baht 89,999,686 Million
Corporate Entities in which THIP Hold Sharesfor More Than 10%– None-
Share Registrar NameThailand Securities Depository Co.,Ltd.93 Ratchadaphisek Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok, 10400, ThailandTel. 02-009 9000, Fax. 02-009 9991
EY Office Limited 33rd Floor, Lake Rajada Office Complex193/136-137 Rajadapisek RoadKlongtoey, Bangkok 10110G.P.O.Box 1047, Bangkok 10501 Thailand

Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission, Key strategy and Directions of the Company

Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited (“The Company” or “THIP”) has announced its Vision, Mission, Corporate strategy and Corporate direction for executives and all staffs to share a common understanding together and push the Company forward to achieve each successive goal, along with moving in the designated direction steadily. Additionally, the Company have communicated such Vision, Mission, Corporate strategy and Corporate direction to the public and all stakeholders of the Company in order that they have been able to gain acknowledgement of the Company’s direction and future as well as are able to do business with the Company in a confident manner.

Vision: “To be the leading innovative packaging solution provider worldwide”

Mission:  “We will adapt innovations, technologies and our experience in plastic packaging to the design, research, manufacture and sale, as well as being the service provider who generate value added to the business partner for a sustainable return to all stakeholders”

Corporate direction:  “ THIP will glow its business that focuses on products which blend with the value and innovation for the international market, together with expanding to the non-plastic packaging while maintaining its main capability in packaging”

Corporate strategy: The Company focuses on business expertise and rapid changes in today’s society, the current strategies are therefore as follows:

  1. Maintain organic growth with the current business and expand into a new market, which has growth potential in demand both domestic and international, and focus on strengthening our own brand through new marketing channels and technology.
  2. Survey and recruit business partners to create new business opportunities for exponential growth and furthering the current business.
  3. Develop Production efficiency for industry 4.0 which focuses on modern technologies.
  4. Create new value-added products and apply innovations to meet market demand.
  5. Develop operational processes in all supporting business units to be modern and harmonious with the business operating model.
  6. Develop people capability to support the business expansion and keep pace with abrupt changes in the business environment.

Additionally, the Company places importance on sustainable growth, and recognize the sustainable return to all stakeholders, as well as adhering to fight against corruption both inside and outside the organization.

Company’s Business

The Company manufactures various plastic packaging for over 40 years and mainly export to all over the continents. The Company continues developing new products that fit to changing consumer’s lifestyle as well as that use more environmental friendly materials.

The Company’ products consist of 3 main categories as follows: 

1. General Bag consists of plastic products that is made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with unique quality, softly and clearly which you can see through the bag inside.  It is suitable to see all goods inside.  There are a lot of LDPE goods such as Zip bags (auto opened-closed), Modified Atmosphere Packaging for vegetable and fruit to maintain its freshness, some types of garbage bag and products which make from High density Polyethylene (HDPE) that have a unique quality, stinginess and stickiness, also suit for the customer who want a strong bag such as garbage bags and food bags.

2.  Drinking Straws are made from Poly propylene (PP) and there are variety styles such as Straight straws, spoon straws, and flexible straws and so on. 

3.  Other products will be household products that source from the other manufactures and distribution to customer’s order.

Organization Structure

The Management structure of Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited is comprised of: