Kitchen Neat® provide full range of household retail packs such as Reclosable bags, Drinking Straws, Glove, Garbage bags and Breast Milk Storage Zip-Bags in which all products are developed to conform with consumers’ daily usage.

All Kitchen Neat products have high quality because they are made from virgin plastic resin with 100% food contact grade and we concern each production process to make consumers be pleasure on product usage.

Moreover, you can enjoy high value comparing with these qualities from Kitchen Neat products. Besides, Kitchen Neat products are promptly ship because they have been produced and kept in the stock and worry free for minimum order quantity. In addition, Kitchen Neat also have sales tools to support selling the products.

Double Zipper Storage & Freezer bag

• Size: W165 x L150 x T 0.04
• Color of Bag: Clear with write on panel
• Color of Zipper: Blue & green with firmline
• Packing: 40 bags/box

Antibacterial Zipper Bag

• Color of Bag : Clear with write on panel
• Color of Zipper : Silver gray with firmline
• Sandwich Size : W165 x L150 x T 0.04
• Quart Size : W178 x L203 +BG30 x T 0.05
• Gallon Size : W254 x L280 +BG30 x T 0.05

PVC Cling Wrap

Color: Clear
• Size S : W30 cm x L30 m x T10 micron
• Size M : W30 cm x L60 m x T10 micron
• Size L : W30 cm x L100 m x T10 micron

Zipper Bags with Cartoon Design

• Size (mm): W178 x L203 x T0.045
• Color of Bag: Clear with Hello Kitty
• Color of Zipper : Red
• Packing : 20 bags/box

Embossed Glove

• Size : Free size
• Color : Natural
• Packing : 100 pcs/box

Trash bag (Color)