SUNBIO is real COMPOSTABLE products which is truly safe for environment.

Eco-friendly products are made out of sustainable materials. These are natural, compostable, or bio-degradable. Eco-friendly products do not harm the environment at any stage of their production, consumption, or disposal. Material, derived from corn , cassava and sugar cane are converted to products such as many kind of straws , film & bags. After these products are disposed, they will be degraded by microorganism, such as bacteria, turning into biomass or soil. This biomass then will be used for planting crops or trees, leaving neither harm nor toxic to environment. Such phenomenon closes the ecological cycle.

SUNBIO is conforming to International Standards for Compostable Packaging including EN13432, ASTM D6400, ISO 14855, and JIS K 6953. It is already certified by Din Certco (Germany) for Seedling logo and Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI)

SUNBIO Paper Straws

100% Eco friendly paper straws, made from pulp that meets FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards. Used for drinking cold beverages. The temperature does not exceed 40 degrees celsius.

Material: Virgin pulp from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
Size: Diameter 6 & 8 mm. Length 21 & 23 mm.
Shelf life: 12 months
Heat resistance: 40ºC

SUNBIO compostable Straws

100% compostable straw, this product made from bio material that suitable for cold drinks with a similar touch like general plastic straw but this product will be degraded by microorganism, such as bacteria, turning into biomass or soil. SUNBIO compostable straw is conforming to International Standards for Compostable products

Material: BIO plastic
Shelf Life: 12 months
TEMP. Resistance: 0 to 55 ˚C


Portable & Reusable straw that made from colored silicone Green pink and light blue and plastic food contact grade for the body. This straw more convenience to use with 3 steps for apply to all sizes of glass and easy to clean from small brush inside. Package design for use as key chain.


New straw made from renewable material Green PE ,this is a bio-based polyethylene produced from renewable raw material sugar cane. and 100% recyclable plastic. This straw are alternative products got TH Green Label certified.

SUNBIN trash bag 100% recycled : Roll , Fold & Fold contain 1 kg.

trash bag that produced by 100% recycled material from internal process. From high quality of our selective raw materials for producing our products , give us for the best of raw material for produce SUNBIN. The premium quality of trash bag. 3 series of products suitable for usage : Roll , fold and Fold contain 1 kg. / pack.