THIP for a sustainable life. Let’s come together in blood donationAugust 26, 2019

On 15 February 2019, Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited (THIP) joined with Red Cross Society in Nakhon Pathom. It was the first blood donation project in 2019 for the National Blood Center of Thai Red Cross. There are 115 members of the management and THIP staff joining blood donation and there are able to donate 87 people with the amount of blood donated is 30,450 cc. The project will be conducted throughout the year for THIP employees to donate blood and help other patients giving all sustainable lives. The next blood donation schedule is on May 17, 2019 and August 23, 2019 and November 22, 2019 respectively. On this occasion, the committee and members of the Red Cross in Nakhon Pathom conducted a field trip to look after and encourage the donors at meeting room 105, T1 Building, Tantawan Industrial Plant, Om Yai District, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom.