THIP supported the occupation of the disabled at the City Hall in Nakhon PathomAugust 26, 2019

Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited or THIP led by Pojanard Prinyapatpakorn, managing director, foresees the creation of innovation in the development of society for the disabled that creates opportunities for a business or social enterprise by funding 1,461,460 baht for people with disabilities in Nakhon Pathom, 13 people. Charnna Iamsang, the governor of Nakhon Pathom, was along with Thammika Niyomsilp, the president of the Red Cross in Nakhon Pathom, was the recipient the funding at the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Hall.

In the past, the company has supported the disabled under the law of Section 33 and 34, which is the employment of disabled persons to work and provides the funds for the development of the quality of life for disabled. In this year, the company has an opportunity to directly help and to create sustainability for the disabled. We change the format of funding to support the disabled cooperated with the Social Innovation Foundation. This fund will enhance disabled’s life to be a better life.