Giving SUNMUM Breast Milk Storage Bags Totalling 1.5Mil Baht To 76 Hospitals NationwideAugust 10, 2020

“Thantawan Industry Plc” launches a new campaign, “Pump Rak Hai Look Love”, to grant SUNMUM Breast Milk Storage bags to 76 hospitals throughout Thailand with total value of more than 1.5 million baht as well as gift sets and additional discount to mothers who register through QR code. As the first manufacturer of milk storage bags in Thailand, it aims to drive the increase of its shares in the 2-billion-baht milk storage bag market in domestic and expand into new markets in ASEAN and the Middle East.

Mrs. Pojanard Prinyapatpakorn, Managing Director of Thantawan Industry Plc (THIP), the international quality plastic manufacturer and distributor, said that most of the mothers in the age of 25-32 years are working women with a hustle and bustle lifestyle, making them unable to breastfeed their babies all the time. Caring for the health of mothers and newborn babies, which are recorded as high as 600,000 babies per year, the company has kicked off the campaign, entitled “Pump Rak Hai Look Love” (meaning “pumping with love for dearest babies”), to give a box of SUNMUM 3 ounce-sized breast milk storage bags to the new mothers each via 76 public and private hospitals nationwide during July-September with total value of 1.5 million baht for this campaign.

“Breast milk contains high nutrition, which is better for newborn babies in terms of brain growth and physical development than other milks. To give SUNMUM breast milk storage bags through the “Pump Rak Hai Look Love” campaign will help increase the possibility for mothers to stock the breast milk for feeding their babies even when they cannot breastfeed by themselves. This will also support newborn babies to consume proper nutrient and nutrition according to their age and make the relationship between mothers and babies closer,” she said.

Meanwhile, the company will put the QR Code stickers on every pack of the breast milk storage bags in this campaign. Mothers who scan it and register will receive an additional of SUNMUM Happy Set, comprising a box of 8 ounce-sized milk storage bags, a box of breast pads and a 10% discount for their first purchase via Not only does this campaign enhance the accessibility of milk storage bags for mothers, it also allows them to try the products and boosts the brand awareness for SUNMUM. All SUNMUM products are sterilized with gamma radiation in the same method with medical equipment and BPA (bisphenol A) free, ensuring that the products are hygienic and safe for babies and raise the repeat purchase rate for mothers.

Mrs. Pojanard added that the company will pay more attention on its own-brand products in order to increase the sales revenue in this category. As one of the company’s flagship brands, SUNMUM represents 34% of total sales of own-brand products in the first half of 2020. SUNMUM is Thailand’s first milk storage bags brand that meets the standard for export. It never stops improving the products with new innovations, for example, milk storage bags that can measure the temperature of stored milk. That’s why its domestic sales and overseas sales are consecutively increasing.

The market of mom and baby products is worth more than 30 billion baht, of which 2 billion baht is the market size of milk storage bags. Therefore, the company plans to seek further opportunities in this market and focuses on marketing SUNMUM products in the second half of this year. Recently, it exhibited the SUNMUM booth in the 37th Thailand Baby & Kids Best Buy at IMPACT Challenger Hall 3, Muang Thong Thani, on July 30- August 2, 2020. In the exhibition, it offered the discount upto 30% and premium gifts to the visitors through many activities. She said the company had received the good response from the visitors during the 4 days event.

SUNMUM aims to be the leading innovator in mom and baby products and deliver the products with good quality, safety and high standard to customers. It would also like to be part of promoting breastfeeding to support the baby development. Apart from the domestic market, it plans to expand its overseas markets particularly ASEAN and the Middle East countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

Thantawan Industry Plc, the international quality plastic manufacturer and distributor with a history of over 40 years, is well-known for the development of innovative products. Its businesses are divided into two main categories, which are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and own-brand products. Currently, it has many own brands in different products, for example, SUNMUM for mom and baby products, SUNBIO for 100% compostable products, SUNPRODUCTS for all generic products with basic feature for everyday use, KITCHEN Neat for household products and Fresh & Fresh for an innovation of active packaging to keep vegetables and fruits fresh longer.