Thantawan Industry Public Co., Ltd. launched “SUNZIP Antivirus”. The first innovative bag in Thailand; 99% virus restrain leading new trend of healthy lifestyle. An essential protecter for you and your family.August 5, 2021

Thantawan Industry Public Co., Ltd. (THIP) proactively introduced new products to meet the latest hygiene and health concerns. “SUNZIP Antivirus” multipurpose zipper bag launched under the SUNZIP brand with outstanding features; inhibition of 99% virus for sanitation and safety in daily use guaranteed by the world standard research institute. It’s easy to use, reusable without dropping. Performance. Now available at leading supermarkets nationwide, convenience stores and marketplace  

Mr. Surasak Luangaramsri, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited (THIP); a manufacturer and distributor of international quality packaging, stated that “THIP has always focused on the development of ‘innovation’. In the past, we developed products to address customer needs and improve customer quality of life. We applied our knowledge and expertise together with global partners making the products more accessible as much as possible to be a part of adjusting the new normal lifestyle.”

“After the company released SUNZIP Antivirus multi-purpose zip bag on this June, it resulted in a wide response from customers since the products conformed with new behavior of sanitation and hygiene such as wearing masks preventing Covid-19 infection and often washing their hands.  Things around people, such as phones, banknotes, and keys, can be a source of germs.

Therefore, SUNZIP Antivirus multi-purpose zip bag is another essential item in this era. It helps people prevent the spread of the virus effectively. This is the first innovation of a zipper bag inhibiting the virus with Silver Ion Technology from Japan by over 99% anti-virus based on laboratory test results. To eliminate Influenza A (H1N1), Influenza B within 24 hours (by RT-PCR (Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) method). SUNZIP Antivirus bags is another pride of our company that created innovations for health care and virus protection,” said Mr. Surasak.

 “SUNZIP Antivirus” (Multipurpose zip bag) can be used for both food and other items with 2-layer zip lock, closes tightly and easy to use. There are 3 sizes including size S, price 55 Baht / size M, price 59 Baht / size L, price 69 Baht, now it’s available at convenience stores, leading supermarkets nationwide or online through and Marketplace.

Thantawan Industry Public Co., Ltd. (THIP) are confident that the new consumer trends will pay more attention to health and safety. These behaviors conform with the company’s strategy focusing on product development addressing customer needs. We are the leader of international packaging business. We have run the packaging business for over 40 years with innovative product development. There are various business structures in THIP containing the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) businesses and the business group of own brands called “SUN” group including SUNMUM (mother and child care products), SUNZIP (a wide range of consumer products for household use), Kitchen Neat, Fresh&Fresh, SUNBIN, SUNBIO (biodegradable products) and SUNECOSTRAW.

You can follow us on the website “” and Social Media in June 2021. The company has launched the application “SUNFAMILY”, a new mother’s assistant by bringing technology to solve the problem of milk management, reduce the rancid smell caused by keeping milk for too long.