THIP kicked off the “Rak-Rang Bag – Rak-Roob Bag” Project to Siriraj Hospital supporting medical students to research cadavers effectivelyJune 28, 2021

Thantawan Industry Public Co., Ltd. (THIP), a leader of manufacturer and distributor of international quality packaging, continuously adhered to a reinforcement of value creation from packaging expertise. Mr. Detbordin Riensubdee, Deputy Managing Director of Packaging Group (Fourth from right), provided 500 Rak-Rang Bags (meaning “cadaver bags”) and 100 Rak-Roob bags (meaning “brain bags”) to Siriraj Hospital to support medicine students conveniently studying anatomy through the cadaver’s body. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosarin Ratanalekha, Head of Department of Anatomy Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital (Fourth from the left) was the recipient at Siriraj Hospital.

The company has kicked off the campaign entitled “Rak-Rang Bag – Rak-Roob Bag” (meaning “soft bag for cadavers and brains”). The project is a continuation project between Thantawan Industry Public Co. Ltd., and Siriraj Hospital by collaborating to implement innovation on product development until the bag prototype was successfully worked.
Regarding special attributes of Rak-Rang bags, the company implemented innovation to solve previous problems and restrictions such as inconvenient storage, transport of drafts, prevention of mold problems, prevention of fouling of drafts and leaks. Our innovation maintained cadavers completely with the best working condition.

Rak-Roob bags for brain storage has some special elements which are the ease of store and seek because a label on the bag was provided for writing information. This bag also helps to maintain the shape of the brain without immersing the brain in formaldehyde, which is very beneficial to the research of medical students.

As the reinforcement of value creation from the company’s expertise to society, we continuously research and develop products by implementing innovations to run business with the concept of sustainable social benefits.