“World class ODM/OEM base of world’s leading brands”


We provide product design and development services as well as manufacturing services (ODM) based on customer. There are many teams of product designers and engineers of research and development (R&D) with more than 30 members who are responsible for the design, product development, formulation, and production process in order to provide great quality results regarding design, features or specifications meeting customer needs. In addition, advisory is also offered to solve problems or improve the Product Quality and design include of graphic and packaing design services.

Design Services

Product design and development team.
We provide design services to customers as follows:

• Products Design
• Package Design
• Graphic Design and Trade mark
• Mockup & modeling design
• Printing media & Photography
• Designing a VDO Presentation

Research and Development Services

Product research and development team.
We provide research and development services for customers as follows:

• New formulas
• Renewable Materials
• New materials
• New additive to create special properties
• New products
• New process
• Prototype making