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National Standards

International Standards

Product design, research and development (R&D) and product development services

 We are service providers for product design and development as well as ODM services to serve all customer requests. There are many teams of product designers and engineers of research and development (R&D) with more than 30 members who are responsible for the design, product development, formulation, and production process to provide great quality results regarding design, features or specifications meeting customer needs. In addition, advisory is also offered to solve problems or improve the Product Quality and design include of graphic and packaing design services.

Achievement and Awards

Design and Innovative Awards

Company Strengths

  • Thantawan industry PLC.

    The first manufacturer of bendable straws and zipper bag in Thailand
  • A specialist in straws and plastic industry certified global standards throughout 40 years of experience
  • Be certified in management system and quality control in national and international standard
  • Produces high-quality product in the quality level accepted by various areas including Europe, America, and Japan
  • Offers product design, R&D in terms of model and quality until fixing services
  • Produces and delivers products on time by using modern production systems and logistics systems.
  • Provides efficient responses and services
  • Continuously delivers sustainable value for customers and stakeholders