THIP raised new creativity to the next level with the application named “SUNFAMILY”, a mother assistant by SUNMUM with 3 simple steps: quick scan, easy to store and pickJune 17, 2021

Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited (THIP) developed the application “SUNFAMILY” to address mother’s lifestyles in 2021. We know the mother better than anyone. Technology was utilized to solve breastfeeding problems by reducing the rancid smell caused by keeping milk too long.    The easy way of breastfeeding with a fully fresh nutrient is to register and scan the QR Code through “SUNFAMILY” application. The 1st launch was in May in Thailand. We are ready to serve customers in the ASEAN region with local languages for the accessibility of the smart mom in the digital era. We have prepared for Phase 2.

Mr. Surasak Luangaramsri, Chief sales and Marketing Officer of Thantawan Industry Public Co., Ltd. (THIP), revealed that the company emphasized the study of consumer demand trends in order to apply the new knowledge in product development and research along with innovations which truly meet the needs of consumers.

The company recently invented an exclusive product and services providing a unique experience for mothers. It is such our pride of mother’s life enhancement by developing “SUNFAMILY” application, a smart assistant for mothers in the digital age to effectively manage milk stock with automatic notification system to maintain nutritional value and eliminating the rancid smell of milk caused by storing milk for too long.

Additionally, the application provides various parenting ideas helping mothers nurture their baby easily by using it together with SUNMUM breast milk bags and storage bags.

SUNFAMILY targets new mothers since this group has the potential to grow continuously even during the COVID-19 pandemic. After launching the application in Thailand in May 2021, it received better-than-expected responses from mothers across the country. Next phase in August, we planned to develop further functions addressing more lifestyles such as placing orders and reward cards in order to stimulate application usage and expand new target groups.

The company also planned to boost up wider awareness through every online platform. We aimed to push “SUNFAMILY” to ASEAN markets including Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and etc. Local languages are provided in the application, said Mr. Surasak.

The highlight of “SUNFAMILY” is a mother’s assistant managing milk stocks in 3 simple steps: quick scan, easy to store and pick up. It is easy to use with the breast milk bag and the “SUNMUM” stock bag. Mothers just scan the QR Code on the breast milk bag through the SUNFAMILY app to record the date, time and important information. The system will notify the use of breast milk bags to prevent expired milk. Other interesting features such as scheduling doctor’s appointments, tracking child development, care techniques and useful tips, lullabies, etc.

SUNFAMILY is available on the App Store or Google Play. The application is used with SUNMUM smart breastmilk bags and SUNMUM smart breastmilk storage bags. Both products are available at supermarkets and online stores or click to order in  

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Interestingly, “SUNMUM” was guaranteed for the Mommy’s Choice award, the best brand of mother and child products with milk storage bag. It reinforces the success of our brand to be the number one brand in mother’s heart as well.