Sustainability Policy of Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited

Corporate Governance and Fair Business Practice

The company emphasizes its business conduct to be in accordance with Corporate Governance Policy with integrity, fairness and ethics. The company has also put in place the risk management and measures against corruption and bribery of all kinds making all of its transactions verifiable. Further, it is determined to compete in the market by adhering to business code of conduct and to disclose information and reasonably present the report by taking into account the optimum benefit of all stakeholders.

Pursue economic growth and promote business innovation

The company encourages economic progress through lawful business profits and sustainable growth. It must always adhere to fair treatment of trading partner with integrity and accountability. The company wishes to economic growth side by side with its trading partner. Also, it will give priority to research and development on eco-friendly products through innovative product design that can still respond to the market need while production resources will be efficiently reduced resulting in sustainable social-friendly growth.

Human rights and fair labour treatment

The company’s policy also extends to give support to and respect human rights by fair treatment on relevant parties including employee, community and the public at large and by not infringing basic rights and no discrimination on race, nationality, religion, language, gender, age, education background, physical condition or social status. The employee will always be encouraged to make any comment or complaint about any unfair treatment or any other unlawful act. In addition, constant human resource development, fair treatment to its employee and taking into consideration of their occupational health and safety are also the key to add value to its business and enhance its competitiveness and sustainable growth in the future.

Participation by stakeholders in community and social development

The company realizes its responsibility to the community and society and has therefore encouraged its employee to take part in social contribution, directly and indirectly. Assistance and resources are given with an aim to establish sustainable coexistence.

Environmental care

The company places importance upon CSR activities relating to environmental care ranging from production process to participation of employee in relation to water management, waste management, energy management and effort on preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem. Effort has been exercised to establish good spirit among the employee and communities in realizing the significance of environment conservation while the operation is strictly regulated to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Sustainability Report

Environmental Policy

Thantawan Industry Public Company Limited consecutively adheres to and complies with great corporate governance by operating business with transparency and full responsibilities compliance with environmental business operations within sustainable development.

THIP Environmental Policy consists of 5 elements:

  1. THIP is strictly in a line with the law and environmental regulations for environmental protection.
  2. THIP supports energy conservation and efficient energy use
  3. THIP aims to reduce manufacturing waste
  4. THIP continuously develops environmental management
  5. THIP encourages employees to have knowledge and understanding the environmental protection.